Mid-Day Matters with Steve Curtis 11am-12pm


The matters covered on the news, seldom really matter at all.  The ratings studies show that the typical American has a limited attention span…thus we have the “Low Information Voter”.

Here at KLZ, we’ve found our listeners to be far from typical.  You crave more substance and less fluff.  Introducing Mid-Day Matters on KLZ560:  a new approach to Denver daytime radio.  Mid-Day Matters with Steve Curtis is an in-depth examination of the issues that affect us at home, at work and in our community.  Experts from all walks of life, politics and business are lining up to help us scrutinize, examine and dissect the issues that matter most. It is our intention that the topics we cover shall be a timeless reflection of American Values and not a reaction to the 24 hour news cycle.