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Angie Austin • Daybreak USA

National radio host Angie Austin adds a new shot of joy and politics to Denver’s conservative talker, KLZ 560. Heard on over 50 radio stations, “Daybreak USA” features timely headlines infused with positive energy from the nation’s only syndicated female morning host. With 20 years of TV experience including news anchor and weather forecaster positions on NBC4, Los Angeles, FOX6, San Diego, and ABC, Santa Barbara, Angie Austin now invigorates Colorado listeners weekday mornings from 5-7AM on Crawford Broadcasting’s KLZ.

Professionals from The Blaze, Heat Street, Faithwire, Fox News, and Breitbart join Angie Austin on America’s longest-running morning magazine show to revitalize the airwaves through relevant news shared with an upbeat, badly-needed encouraging attitude. Launch your workday with trending news, lifestyle topics, hard news, and politics on Daybreak USA with Angie Austin, now heard from Fort Collins to Pueblo on KLZ – “The Source.”