Wake Up Monday-Friday 6am-7am



Through aggressive political, social, and spiritual dialogue, our Morning Anchor, Steve Curtis, and most prominent and intelligent Colorado men and women will complement and challenge each other every morning, therefore constantly testing you, our faithful listeners, in terms of your parallel perspectives and strategies. Some will further how we should think, speak, and act based on scripture, others specializing in sound blue prints to ensure success when striving to protect those critical essentials, Freedom, Liberty, and Truth. And, when necessary, your Hosts will unmask those right under our noses or across the country, who are trying to undermine or destroy our game plans and, most importantly, our constitutional powers. In short, they will invariably address the acute issues of the day, or those of a lifetime.

Listen every Monday through Friday to the new, vastly improved “Wake Up!” from 6AM-7AM, right here on your “Emancipation Station,” 560, KLZ.

In case you missed it! Follow the link to the Wake Up Podcast page: https://soundcloud.com/wake-up-with-steve-curtis